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Common Black College Application

Interested in HBCUs? The Common Black College Application makes it easy and more affordable to apply to HBCUs. Since its founding in 1998, over 250,000 students have completed the Common Black College Application and about 97% of those applicants received an acceptance letter from at least one college.

But what is the Common Black College Application? And how does it work? The Common Black College App is an easy and affordable way to apply to HBCUs. In a few simple steps, you can apply to more than 65 historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). The Common Black College Application dates back to September 1998. Founder Robert Mason graduated from two HBCUs: Virginia State University and Clark Atlanta University. Mason wanted to make it easier for students to apply to HBCUs, so he founded the Common Black College App.

Currently, 67 HBCUs accept the Common Black College Application. These schools include public and private HBCUs. But not every HBCU uses the application. Before filling out the Common Black College App, make sure to check which schools accept these applications.

To learn more about the Common Black College Application and Apply Now, visit:


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