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Omaha Embraces Sisterhood With Its First Black Woman-Owned Barbershop

Shannon Jackson made history in the Benson neighborhood of Omaha, NE by opening Heavi Hitters – the first Black fully woman-owned and operated barbershop.

“We’re all different ethnicities, and we’re all women,” said Alia Jackson, a cosmetologist and professional makeup artist.

“It’s given our clients, a different perspective of life, being in a male-dominated world,” hairstylist Ayanna Carfield said.

According to local news outlet, KETV 7, the full-service barbershop has seen consistent growth since opening in 2019. Because of that rapid growth, Heavi Hitters ran out of space, which led to their move to their current spot-on Maple Street in the Benson community.

Jackson and her team of cosmetologists are making sure that their space is inclusive for all no matter their background. This level of inclusivity is seen even in the type of services that Heavi Hitters offers.

Heavi Hitters is not your typical salon that only offers a range of fades, shape-ups, and trims.

Stylists and barbers are showcasing their creative range by offering clients all types of hair and cosmetic services from braids to wigs, to makeup, and tattoos.

“Seeing that they feel completely different from when they first came in, like I can have somebody come in and have the worst day ever. But once they come out of my chair, they feel completely different a whole new person,” Carfield said.

The new location has garnered more foot traffic and established more trust from community members.

“Also, to be a public figure in the eye where women that look like us and girls that are growing up and looking at us as role models know that they can do it all,” Alia said.

The hard work and resilience of Jackson and her team have also fostered a strong sisterhood among those who work in the barbershop.

“We all grew together, like a sisterhood with each other, like, this is my family,” said Latoria Neal another stylist at Heavi Hitters.

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