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17 Year Old a'Ron Burns Becomes Youngest Restaurant Owner in the State of Nebraska

17-year-old a’Ron Burns has launched his own brick-and-mortar ice cream shop called Roll-N-Sweetz. He makes history as one of the youngest restaurant entrepreneurs in the state of Nebraska. High school student and serial entrepreneur is an inspiration for all those who want to chase their dreams.

The shop opened June 11, 2022 to rave reviews. The shop is a subsidiary of the Burns Family LLC, of which he’s the president. With the support of his mom, mentors, and investors, he created a business that he believes fills a void in North Omaha.

“We are not just for ice cream, but also to be a place for people to come and feel safe at. I think a safe place in North Omaha was bound. It was needed because in our streets, in our communities, we really don’t have it,” said a’Ron.

Support Roll-N-Sweetz located at 5921 Ames Ave, Omaha, NE 68104


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