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Painting a Positive Picture in the Omaha Business Community

KCP Striping, a parking lot painting and maintenance company, was started by C.T. Perry, Marine veteran, and his business partner Kristen Busboom. C.T. was born and raised in the heart of North Omaha. Both C.T. and Kristen saw a need for a parking lot striping company in the Omaha community and wanted to help businesses keep their facilities updated and safe.

Your business depends on being able to attract as many paying customers as possible. Unfortunately, it’s harder to do this if your asphalt parking lot is neglected. Prospective customers start judging your business before they even walk through the doors.

After a while parking lot lines aren’t as crisp as they were. Over time, UV rays and precipitation fade parking lot striping paint until it’s barely visible. Line striping and other parking lot maintenance not only improves the curb appeal of your business, but also, protects pedestrians and drivers.

To prevent door dings, improve parking, increase safety, reduce liability, and boost curb appeal, contact KCP striping

KCP Striping works on all concrete and asphalt surfaces. We focus on parking lot lines, curbing, ADA stencils, alpha/numeric stencils, bollard poles, pole bases, and much more. No job is too big or too small.


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