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Embrace the Hula Hoop

If you think hula hooping is just for kids, think again. This simple piece of equipment can boost the fun factor in your fitness routine and give you an excellent workout at the same time.

When it comes to exercise, finding something you enjoy is key to making physical activity a regular part of your routine. When a workout is fun and you look forward to doing it, you’re more likely to stick with it and to be motivated to keep improving.

It’s also helpful if the activity can boost your health and fitness in a variety of ways — and that’s where hula hooping comes in.

8 Benefits of Hula hooping

1. Burns Calories

2. Burs Fat and Inches

3. Boost Cardiovascular System

4. Changes Muscle Core

5. Improves balance

6. Works Lower Body Muscles

7. Family Friendly

8. Inexpensive and Portable

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