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Black business owner in Omaha honors mother with new skin care line - Omaha, NE (WOWT), 7/16/2022

Sheri Jackson-Moore has turned her dining room into a production facility, 23 years ago Sheri walked away from her job in the retail industry and ventured out on her own.

“I was scared I was afraid I was all those things that we do when we’re venturing out in something new,” said Jackson-Moore.

Motivation came from Sheri’s mother Valincia who years ago had business ideas of her own.

“My mom had all these wonderful ideas and inventions but she didn’t have the wisdom, she didn’t have the knowledge she didn’t have the connections to do anything with it.”

That propelled Sheri to run after her dreams and goals. She opened a home daycare and two other childcare centers, got into real estate, and even opened a jazz club for a moment.

Her latest business venture is personal. Sheri needed something to deal with her dry skin.

“Because nothing was working that was on the market I was just like dry all the time.”

Sheri began mixing up Valincia’s Daughter, her own skin care product.

Sheri went to work taking her product on the road putting it on display in Omaha and Lincoln. Even selling her skin care products in a Kansas salon and now Valincia’s Daughter is taking off.

“And so right now I’m about to go into Hy-Vee, so I’m like all of that from a year from a thought.”

Sheri says it’s her faith that helps her to believe in herself and she hopes she can help other women to follow their dreams.

“Not only to encourage and inspire African American young girls and women but White women, Italian women, Hispanic women, everybody because we’re all human to know that anything is possible.”

Sheri remembers the business ideas of her mother, those thoughts help Sheri to continue to work for herself.

“I want to honor my mama to let her know cause she’s still living that I heard you I saw you and I want to just kind of honor her that’s why I wanted to call it Valincia’s Daughter.”

Sheri says she is sure that she will develop and grow other businesses in the future.

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Kathryn McCord
Kathryn McCord
Oct 08, 2022

I purchased the Lavender spray and it is a luscious scent that hugs you and holds you close for hours. Everyone wants to know what (scent) I am wearing!

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